• Patient-Physician Dynamics Influence Timing of Dialysis Initiation

    There are few data available to help guide decision-making about the optimal time to initiate maintenance dialysis in individual patients. Maintenance dialysis has been initiated progressively earlier in the course of chronic kidney disease (CKD) over the past decades. While indications for dialysis such as life-threatening electrolyte abnormalities and symptoms of uremia are recognized, there remains uncertainty about the bets time to initiate dialysis.

  • Immunosuppressive Therapy in Patients with IgA Nephropathy

    The most common form of glomerulonephritis is IgA nephropathy. Previous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of immunosuppressive therapy to target mesangial IgA deposits and circulating IgA autoantibodies for the treatment of IgA nephropathy.

  • SHARP Data Analyzed for Cost-Effectiveness of Simvastatin plus Ezetimibe

    Results of SHARP (Study of Heart and Renal Protection) demonstrated that in patients with moderate to severe chronic kidney disease (CKD), lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by 0.85 mmol/L with a combination of simvastatin, 20 mg, plus ezetimibe, 10 mg, daily reduced the risk of major atherosclerotic events. There were no adverse events associated with the intervention.

  • Survival Benefit with Transplants from Incompatible Live Donors

    A recent multicenter study validated single-center evidence that patients who received kidney transplants from HLA-incompatible love donors had a substantial survival benefit compared with patients who did not undergo transplantation and those who waited for a kidney from a deceased donor.